Unlocking Empowerment: SIA’s ‘What Matters 2023’ Report & #ThisIsSeriousSh1t Campaign for SCI Day 2023

By Brigitte Collins  

As SCI Day 2023, organised by the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS), draws near, the chosen theme of “Access to SCI services; a life less complicated” has brought to the forefront the crucial efforts aimed at empowering individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCI). One of the many organisations helping to achieve this mission is the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA). SIA are dedicated to amplifying the voices of those living with SCI, and now are particularly focusing on a vital yet often overlooked aspect of their well-being: bowel health. 

The SIA recent ‘What Matters 2023’ report is a powerful testament to their commitment to understanding the challenges faced by the SCI community. This comprehensive report delves into various aspects of life after a spinal cord injury, highlighting the importance of quality healthcare, accessible support, and the need for greater awareness of the unique struggles these individuals face. 

In this years’ report it was highlighted that 50% of people said bowel management was one of their top physical health concerns. 

One of the standout initiatives which is mentioned in the report from SIA is their recent “#ThisIsSeriousSh1t” campaign. With a bold and impactful approach, this campaign emphasises the urgency of addressing bowel health issues within the SCI community. It’s a call to action, a reminder that bowel health is not just a part of life; it’s a fundamental aspect of overall wellbeing. The campaign aims to break down the stigma surrounding bowel health, encouraging open conversations, and fostering a supportive environment where those with SCI can access the resources and information they need. 

The SIA also recently announced the launch of their new strategy which will guide the SIA through to 2030. The new strategy is a testament to the insights gained from people in their community and is about driving their new ambition to the next level. 

We spoke with Dave Bracher, Campaigns Manager for the Spinal Injury Association who said”, “Strategy 2030 is going to guide and steer everything SIA does over the next seven years. It’s been built to focus on the matters we know are important to people with a spinal cord injury, to improve the issues they face every day, and to make SIA’s compelling vision of a fulfilled life for everyone affected by spinal cord injury a reality.” The below video takes you through their 2030 Strategy. 

The ‘What Matter’s 2023’ Report brings attention to advocate for improved access to specialised care, better support systems, and a more comprehensive understanding of the profound impact of bowel health on the quality of life. 

We are supporting the efforts to create a world where bowel health matters as much as any other aspect of wellbeing. 

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