Enhancing Patient Care with the My Irrigation Booklet (MIB): A Resource for Patients, Peace of Mind for Healthcare Providers

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, effective communication and patient education are integral to ensuring optimal outcomes. The new My Irrigation Booklet (MIB) is compact yet powerful tool designed to assist patients in retaining vital information related to beginning rectal irrigation. 

Understanding the Link between Memory and Adherence: 

Leys et al. (1995) highlighted that understanding medical information directly correlates with patient satisfaction and adherence to treatment plans. However, up to 80% of medical information provided during clinic appointments is forgotten, with 50% being remembered incorrectly. 

The Role of the MIB: 

Enter the MIB—a pocket-sized aide-memoire designed to address these challenges. 

Patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with 100% finding it easy to understand, and complete. Moreover, 96% of patients agreed that the information contained within the MIB was relevant, particularly for those new to rectal irrigation.    

Positive Evaluations from Healthcare Providers: 

Healthcare providers have echoed these sentiments, with 88% strongly agreeing that the MIB is easy to understand, and complete. Additionally, HCPs have reported that the MIB facilitates ease of explanation during patient consultations, thereby streamlining the educational process. 

Practical Implementation: 

Incorporating the MIB into practice is straightforward and adaptable. Whether utilised by patients for notetaking during consultations or completed by the healthcare provider the MIB serves as a valuable resource for enhancing patient understanding to treatment plans. Furthermore, patient feedback indicates that the MIB instils confidence and trust, providing patients with a tangible reference point between appointments. 


The My Irrigation Booklet (MIB) addresses the need for improved communication and adherence in rectal irrigation. By empowering patients with the tools, they need to navigate their treatment journey, the MIB fosters a stronger patient-provider partnership and enhancing patient outcomes. 


(Full reference: Ley, P., Llewelyn, S. (1995). Improving patients’ understanding, recall, satisfaction and compliance. In: Broome, A., Llewelyn, S. (eds) Health Psychology. Springer, Boston, MA.)