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We have taken the Qufora IrriSedo Klick system to the next level – one system to deliver water two different ways – with a new water bag. Patients can benefit from flexible water management giving them the option to find the best individual solution for their needs, and bathroom situation – wherever they may be.

QKCATH30 – now with 30 catheters in each set

Confidence, at every step

  • Quick to assemble, fill and prepare
  • Simple connectors provide audible and sensory feedback to confirm proper assembly
  • Logical 1-2-3-4 control unit guides the patient clock-wise through the irrigation procedure in four steps

The simple power of water

  • The water bag can hang or stand, allowing water to flow either by gravity or with a compact pump
  • The catheter uses water to inflate the balloon and create a secure seal
  • The patient can control the water going into their rectum with a pause option at each step to proceed at their own speed

Versatile all the way

  • Klick has features for patients with dexterity challenges, such as an easy-to-hold water bag with a wide neck
  • Patients can adapt to their surroundings and preferences through gravity or pump irrigation
  • Patients can easily pack the system away at home or while on the go using a specially designed toilet bag

Suggested Ordering:

First month Irrigation daily Irrigating every other day
1 starter set
1 catheter set per month
1 catheter set every second month
1 catheter set
1 control unit every 3 months
1 control unit every 6 months
Order Code Product Contents
Starter set
1 x control unit, 1 x water bag, 5 x catheters, 1 x tube, 1 x hook, 1 x toilet bag
Catheter set 30
1 x water bag, 30 x catheters, 1 x tube
Control unit
1 x control unit, 1 x hook

Please click the images below to read or download our guides

Qufora Irrisedo Klick Guide
Qufora Irrisedo Klick Kidz Guide

Please have a look at our step by step video

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Utilising the simple power of water

Water is all that is needed to empty stool from the bowel.

Water is at the heart of Klick’s insertion device technology. Our balloon catheter is inflated with water, while water activates the hydrophilic coating. The name IrriSedo, meaning ‘smooth irrigation,’ reflects our commitment to making irrigation as effortless, comfortable, and natural as can be.

Quick assembly

Straight-forward and easy to assemble so that the system is quickly ready to use.

  • Convenient click-on and click-off connections for easy assembly
  • Purple elements guide assembly and provide audible and tactile confirmation
  • Universal connections accommodate patients with precision challenges, limited movement, or impaired eyesight

"The easy to understand instructions means it takes only minutes to assemble and use Klick."

Garrett, age 53

Reducing resources

We are always looking for ways that updates to our products can contribute to a more efficient use of materials and resources.

The new Qufora IrriSedo Klick pump uses
17% less material
than the previous pump. Minimising resources as well as feeling lighter in the hand.

You can still order the old Qufora IrriSedo Klick system for your patients. Please find the configurations and suggested ordering for it below.

You can choose the right system to suit your patients needs

Each of our systems have been designed with the patients’ needs in mind. They are all easy to use and effective, so that your patient or their carer can perform bowel management both easily and quickly. The systems incorporate a user friendly design along with reliable functionality. They are discreet, easy and logical to use. You can now decide which of the Qufora range suits your patients’ needs rather than trying to adapt the patient to one system.