Our values

Healthy lives for people with chronic conditions by breaking the limits of conventional thinking

Improving health for people and planet through intuitive, life-changing bowel management solutions


Being agile is what defines who we are and what we do.

We are curious, always looking for inspiration and ways to serve the needs of our customers better. We are not afraid to take risks and challenge ourselves, while always being ready to learn and improve. By simplifying our processes, we focus on what matters most.

Being agile makes us competent and responsive. We are quick to adapt to changing situations and regulations, and we help each other along the way.

By being agile, we are carrying the DNA of Qufora in our daily work, continuing to break the limits of traditional thinking and finding solutions that work. We continuously adapt to our surroundings as we will make sure to help people with chronic bowel disorders enjoy healthy lives.

Being responsive to our customers’ ever evolving needs, we need to be agile.

Being straightforward is both our way of communicating and our way of working.

We communicate openly and directly, and we align our actions with our words. Because we are straightforward, we are authentic, open-minded and easy to work with.

We are positively-driven and committed to making a difference, therefore we work in a straightforward way to support our agility and to remove barriers that might slow down progress. We are clear and honest in our communication and are proud that we are reflecting our culture as a Danish-based company, where direct talk is valued and respected.

We have an optimistic mindset and believe in improving people’s health and well-being. We care about people and people inspire us to make life-changing solutions.

Being straightforward is what helps us build trust, efficiency and excellence

Working in a respectful way shapes our actions and decisions every day.

We are supportive and empathetic to each other’s needs and challenges. We listen to different opinions and perspectives, and we respect that we don’t always have the answer ourselves, therefore we seek cooperation and co-creation with others to find the best solutions.

We respect the importance of our work and of following a risk-based approach in the development of our products.

We are conscientious in the way we work, and we are tenacious in providing consistent high quality respecting our users’ everyday life and with respect for our planet.

We work to ensure healthy people on a healthy planet, we respect that people’s well-being should include the generations to come and we respect and work to support the symbiosis of people and planet.

Being respectful is a way of being for us.