Myqufora Support

Myqufora support is a service for users of all Qufora IrriSedo systems, providing:

  • expert guidance on all our systems to get your patient off to the best possible start
  • clinical advice and guidance managing specific routines along-side your instructions and expertise

Our team continues to be passionate about helping patients use their Qufora IrriSedo products correctly, safely and effectively. With many years of experience in customer support.

The additional clinical advice comes from our nurse team, who are all experienced in bowel management and support. We’re able to understand individual patient needs as they manage their routines, keeping you informed of their progress and advise you if your patient may benefit from any changes to their treatment.

Our nurses are an important enhancement to myqufora. They understand your decision making and appreciate the difficulties that can sometimes arise when managing a patient through to adherence. Every patient is different when it comes to accepting managing their bowels and can deviate from their routines for lots of different reasons.

We consider ourselves another pair of very capable hands, to help your patient, working in partnership with you. This additional clinical oversight allows for the right intervention, at the right time – with you firmly in control of the patient’s pathway.

Aligning to best practice

The Decision Guide was first published in 2019. Created by key opinion leaders.

The Decision Guide is designed to help healthcare professionals in initiating rectal irrigation. In it, follow-up over three months plays an important role in ensuring patients accept their treatment and move on to follow their regime. And, the first month is crucial in supporting a patient.

The myqufora service is designed around that best practice of follow-up outlined in the Decision Guide to support the patient towards on-going treatment.

Patients with chronic, long-term conditions continue to need help. There’s good days and bad days as they’re often managing more than just their bowels. And we recognise the need for supporting past the three months too.

A virtual clinic

We’ve added a virtual clinical service to myqufora. It’s there for support and reaching out. But as every patient and circumstances are different – we recognise that there are sometimes specific needs that need a healthcare professional’s attention. A virtual clinic visit by a patient is followed up with you – to make sure you’re in control.

Decision Guide

What myqufora users are saying

The help of the team has been invaluable. It is a joy to pick up the phone to them. They always give their name and then listen carefully.

felt that the myqufora team provided useful & helpful support
thought that the myqufora support team were helpful and friendly
felt confident after contact from the myqufora support team
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