Benefits of rectal irrigation

Rectal irrigation is a simple and hygienic solution for effectively managing symptoms of chronic constipation and / or faecal incontinence.

It enables the user to choose the time and place of evacuation, potentially re-establishing bowel control and improving quality of life (Emmanuel, 2010).

Regular use of rectal irrigation has been shown to relieve various bowel related symptoms – see chart below (Etherson et al., 2017).

Symptom Improvement in patients using rectal irrigation for chronic constipation (Etherson et al 2017)

General well-being 65%
Rectal clearance 63%
Bloating 49%
Abdominal pain 48%
Bowel frequency 42%

It helps your patient regain control of their bowel movements, increasing confidence and improving quality of life, allowing them to live life to the full, without the worry of unpredictable bowels. 

Advantages of rectal irrigation