World Continence Week 2024

Enhancing patient adherence and experience with rectal irrigation

World Continence Week is a global initiative aimed at raising awareness about bladder and bowel issues, chronic pelvic pain, and other debilitating conditions that significantly impact the lives of patients, families, and caregivers.

This year’s World Continence Week has a number of themes, including:

  • Adherence to treatment
  • Loneliness, stigma and taboo
  • Mental health and physical activity
  • Sustainability
  • Time and urge to act
  • Commitment to Collaboration in Continence Care (4 C’s)

Over the past 12 months, we have been dedicated to enhancing patient-centred care and understanding how to assist patients throughout the rectal irrigation journey alongside you, the healthcare professional, in order to improve adherence with rectal irrigation.

In line with this focus, we have developed services and materials to support patients through the irrigation process, helping them adhere to treatment and achieve the best results by overcoming common barriers. Our efforts have included:

Automated delivery service
Around half of the patients we speak to who have missed out on requesting their re-order had simply forgotten. Our order form now includes automated delivery. That way, patients can get their system delivered regularly according to your instructions. Our support team will help them with scheduled check-ins and a three-month check-up – to make sure they are on track.

Personalised teach packs for patients starting their irrigation journey
We are committed to ensuring your patients get off to the best possible start with irrigation. By providing personalised teaching packs, you can tailor their experience to fit their unique needs and lifestyle, ensuring they receive their Qufora system on time and can follow their regime effectively.

After you teach them how to use the system, our support continues with the next stages of their journey to help them get off to the best start.

Setting up a personalised pack and automated service means:

  • Increased Discretion: Patients don’t need to leave the clinic with a conspicuous box, making the process more private.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: With regular, timely deliveries, the Qufora system becomes a seamless part of their routine.
  • Focused Information: The teaching pack includes only the essential information to get them started, along with system support from the myqufora team.

These personalised packs are designed to support patients throughout their irrigation journey, helping them stay motivated and integrate the process smoothly into their daily lives.

The My Irrigation Booklet (MIB)
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, effective communication and patient education are integral to ensuring optimal outcomes. The new My Irrigation Booklet (MIB) is a compact yet powerful tool designed to assist patients in retaining vital information related to beginning rectal irrigation.

The online Decision Guide
The new electronic Decision Guide is a powerful tool that helps healthcare providers ensure they prescribe the right product at the right time, improving patient adherence.

Its digital nature means it can be easily integrated into clinical settings, aligning with modern working patterns. This guide supports the recommendations of the 2023 NHS England Report, which highlights how clinical decision support systems can enhance care quality, outcomes, and safety (NHS Choices, 2023).

The rectal irrigation Decision Guide provides healthcare providers with the right information in the right format at the right time. To streamline the process further, the assessment pro-forma is now integrated directly into the Decision Guide. This tool remains unbiased and is used to determine the optimal equipment and water volume for each patient.

In addition to launching new services and materials, and in line with the Decision Guide, we have also ensured that the Qufora IrriSedo product range includes options to suit every individual’s needs.

We recognise that each person’s requirements are unique, and developing personalised solutions necessitates direct engagement with those affected by bowel continence issues. Through patient surveys and one-on-one discussions, we gather valuable feedback that informs the development of our Qufora IrriSedo product range. By involving patients in the process, we can create solutions that meet their specific needs, promoting comfort, dignity, and an improved quality of life.

All these efforts are aimed at supporting patients to stay motivated and make rectal irrigation a seamless part of their daily routine.