myqufora team training

By Michelle Henderson  

The myqufora team support patients with their rectal irrigation system, wherever they are on their irrigation journey, from the start or over a matter of months. They can help supplement patients initial teaching as the team are able to deal with specific questions often related to the patients individual circumstances. This helps patients develop skills in order to manage and achieve the best results with their Qufora IrriSedo system. 

The myqufora team are passionate about their role and always keen to build on their knowledge, extending their understanding of the challenges that patients may face. 

The team have an understanding about the clinical conditions the patient may have, but they often deal with lifestyle and emotional aspects. Their training enables them to support patients with both their symptoms and the impact of these on the patients individual circumstances. Ongoing training is fundamental for keeping the team abreast of new developments. 

Michelle chats to Stacey about the recent training sessions: 

How do the training sessions help you in your role?   

Stacey: ‘In the last 2 training sessions I have been able to learn more in depth about patient conditions and treatments so I can further understand what the patient goes through in their journey leading up to and after irrigation.  

What have you enjoyed?  

Stacey: I have enjoyed being able to bounce ideas off different team members and using the knowledge I have learnt.  

A few days after the training I had a call from a Qufora IrriSedo Klick user who advised that her balloon was coming out fully inflated during irrigation. 

Thanks to the training I was able to do some troubleshooting with her, going through her condition, set up of system etc and we decided to increase the number of presses of the handpump from 2 to 3 and followed up 2 days later to find this had made such a big difference. 

It was rewarding to be able to help the patient with solutions I had learnt. I was then able to share this with the team allowing us to help more patients in the future who may experience a similar situation.’  

Great to hear the sessions are received so well. Looking forward to the next one!  

We have recently updated our myqufora website to ensure this is an easy to use platform which patients can refer to for information about rectal irrigation. Patients can find a range of stories from other Qufora IrriSedo users, easy FAQs, guides and videos to help with using their product and more. 

Visit the new myqufora site.