Meet Shaila – Our first Qufora IrriSedo Flow Prescriber 

by Shaila Kumar, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Biofeedback Department at St Mark’s Hospital

Meet Shaila Kumar – the first healthcare professional to prescribe our Qufora IrriSedo Flow.

We recently caught up with Shaila who shares her thoughts on using Flow for the first time:

Watching the webinar Shaila – what drew your attention?
“It exceeded my expectation as it was not only educational but the launch of the Flow product too.  

The presenters throughout made it relatable and shared their experiences and challenges with patients on irrigation.  

Patient perspective is something we always value; although it cannot be generalised, it gives clinicians some insight into how patients feel using irrigation on a daily basis and the challenges they face. This feedback is addressed while delivering patient care.  

The Flow bag looks like a toiletry bag that can be placed in the bathroom without the need to hide within closed cabinets. That is a start.”     

When you spoke to your patient about Flow, what was their reaction?
“I was honest with my patient; I did explain that Qufora IrriSedo Flow was newly launched – totally unaware we would be first. 

We watched the step-by-step video together before showing her again with the demo product pack. Her clinical needs and the outcome we agreed with matched Flow’s description.

It is easy to use and looks good. The soft coated tip of the cone will assist in easy insertion and removal, and it has five water outlets to rinse around the bowel. For symptoms of incomplete sensation, post defecation and urgency incontinence, the five water outlets made this the perfect product to deliver.”

Did the patient like or need a particular aspect of the product?  
“…Watching the step-by-step tutorial online and showing the product in the clinic suggested Flow suited the best for this patient.  

To achieve complete sensation, the water bag facilitated the required water supply without the need to move towards the sink every time to refill; the bag stood upright and the tubing to be connected was easy. It ticked all the boxes.”   

Now that the patient has used Qufora IrriSedo Flow for some time, have you seen their symptoms improve?
“I reviewed my patient in mid-October, and she expressed how transanal irrigation has improved her quality of life, and she is now not tied to the toilet.    

She also mentioned how supportive the myqufora team have been.    

A very positive start for a 35-year-old School Teacher with Slow Transit Constipation, who is managing her symptoms with Qufora IrriSedo Flow.”    

Since introducing Qufora IrriSedo Flow into Shaila’s clinic, she has had some fantastic patient feedback since registering them:    

  • “Less messy, the bag does not leak, and it can be placed upright or hung.”  
  • “The storage bag is of good quality and can be carried around without hesitation.”  
  • “This enables the patient to continue irrigation while away improving their quality of life.”  
  • “Excellent customer support, online video tutorials available for learning how to use the product.”