‘Colorectal Nursing and Low Anterior Resection Syndrome’

‘Colorectal Nursing and Low Anterior Resection Syndrome’  

Review By Brigitte Collins & Michelle Henderson 

Ellie Bradshaw (Colorectal / Biofeedback Nurse Specialist) at Princess Grace Hospital delivers an excellent article ‘Colorectal Nursing and Low Anterior Resection Syndrome’ in the British Journal of Nursing. The latest evidence around assessment and treatment for LARS is discussed.  

Ellie highlights how the aim of assessment is to understand the main problems for the patient and determine the precipitating and palliating factors and how they have an impact.  

Relating this to her own practice, Ellie suggests a systematic and multimodal approach to treatment of LARS. Initially, this will comprise of conservative therapies with a progression to treatments such as transanal irrigation, which can be used simultaneously.  

The clinical team at MacGregor Healthcare, having had experience in treating LARS, would recommend this article as a valuable update on the latest evidence with practical suggestions for treatments in keeping with NICE recommendations. 

Bradshaw E (2022) Colorectal nursing and low anterior resection syndrome. British Journal of Nursing. Vol 31, No. 4. pp2-4