World Continence Week 2023: Commitment to Collaboration within Continence Care

“True collaboration means being open to suggestions, critiques and ideas from all team members, even when it means changing course.”* 

World Continence Week is an important annual event that aims to raise awareness about bladder and bowel control problems and provide support to those affected by continence issues. As part of this global initiative, we are dedicated to working closely with healthcare professionals, patients, and charitable organisations to ensure comprehensive continence care.  

Central to our mission is a deep understanding of our users’ needs. We firmly believe in providing individuals with dignity and comfort. This drives our focus on creating rectal irrigation solutions that improve functionality and ensure effortless and natural experiences. Our commitment also extends beyond the development of innovative products; we actively collaborate to enhance education and knowledge. 

Working with Healthcare Professionals for Product Development 

To provide the best continence care solutions, we recognise the invaluable expertise of healthcare professionals. We engage in a collaborative partnership, seeking input and insights during the product development process. From this, we can create innovative and effective rectal irrigation products that address specific bowel care requirements. This collaborative approach ensures that healthcare professionals are actively involved in shaping the solutions they utilise, as we aim to improve patient outcomes together. 

Engaging Patients for Tailored Solutions 

We know that every individual’s needs are unique, and developing personalised solutions requires direct engagement with those affected by bowel continence issues. Through patient surveys and one-on-one discussions, we gather valuable feedback that informs the development of our Qufora IrriSedo product range. By involving patients in the process, we can create solutions that meet their specific needs, promoting comfort, dignity, and improved quality of life. 

Collaborating with Charities for Education and Awareness 

Educating and raising awareness about bowel care and rectal irrigation are vital aspects towards creating a centre of excellence within bowel care. We collaborate closely with charities that focus on conditions where individuals may experience continence symptoms. By collaborating with these charities, we can deliver information to patients, those who work within the charity and the wider public. Through workshops, online resources and awareness campaigns, we aim to empower individuals to understand their bowel symptoms better in relation to their conditions, seek appropriate care and make informed decisions about their continence management. 

The Decision Guide: Empowering Healthcare Professionals 

A pivotal collaborative project with a working party of healthcare professionals resulted in the development of the Decision Guide. The guide assists healthcare professionals when initiating rectal irrigation. By consolidating expert insights and best practices, the decision guide streamlines the decision-making process, ensuring the right product for the right patient. This collaborative effort exemplifies our commitment to working hand in hand with healthcare professionals to advance continence care and improve patient outcomes. 

World Continence Week serves as a reminder of the importance of comprehensive continence care. MacGregor Healthcare’s commitment involves active collaboration with healthcare professionals, patients, charities and more. By involving these groups in product development, education and services, we strive to meet the unique needs of individuals affected by continence issues. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of patients, empower healthcare professionals, and promote a greater understanding of continence care within society. 

*  (Accessed 23rd May 2023)