Welcome to The Gut Hut 

The EveryWoman Festival 2023 round up  

Receiving an invitation to The EveryWoman Festival on Saturday 24th June, Qufora were prompted to engage in creative and thoughtful strategising to determine the most effective approaches and compelling content to present on this day. And so, the ‘Gut Hut’ came into existence. So, exactly what is the ‘Gut Hut’? 

The ‘Gut Hut’ brings together healthcare professionals, experts, influencers, businesses, and charities in a collective effort to assist the public in making friends with bowels and poo. 

We were fortunate to host a series of exceptional guest speakers, and here is a concise overview of the insightful sessions they delivered. 

Dr Emma Short, Consultant Pathologist.  

Emma delivered a very informative talk about the trillions of bacteria that make up our gut microbiome, what they do and what happens if they go a little awry. Did you know that there are more gut bacteria than stars in the sky! 

Gut bacteria thrive on diversity in our diet -so to help with this, Emma’s key message is to aim for 30 plant-based foods per week, including different coloured fruits and vegetables  

Gillian McCabe: Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Director Gillian McCabe Physiotherapy 

Gillian hosted a fun and educational session in the ‘Gut Hut,’ where she introduced the concept of pelvic floor exercises to everyone and taught them how to perform these effectively.  

An important focal point of this session was learning the proper breathing technique to use during pelvic floor exercises. 

Jessica Kydd-Coutts: Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist 

Jess delivered practical guidance, tips, and tricks on how to help individuals restore and maintain a healthy and satisfied bowel.  

Jess emphasised the significance of toilet positioning as an anatomically advantageous approach to facilitate bowel movements. 

Kim Gorrisen: Consultant of Emergency and Colorectal Surgery 

Kim found herself in the spotlight as she faced a rapid-fire round of questions focused on bowels and bowel function. 

The topic of constipation and its underlying causes resonated positively with the audience, making it a significant message of the session. 

Anna Clements: Events/Education and Support Service Manager, MASIC 

Anna, from the MASIC (Mothers with Anal Sphincter Injury from Childbirth) charity, emphasised the significance of seeking assistance and sharing concerns regarding OASI (obstetric anal sphincter injuries) following childbirth. She highlighted the availability of support from MASIC and the importance of open communication about such difficulties. 

Thank you to each and every one of our guest speakers. Each session generated lots of interest from our audience, and the feedback was great. 

With lots of people visiting ‘The Gut Hut’ throughout the day, Brigitte and Michelle were on hand to answer bowel related questions and throw in fun facts – such as demonstrating the length of our intestines with a pink rope and advising the audience how to monitor transit time through the gut by eating sweetcorn!