Planning and coping with irrigation

Many people experience bowel problems at some point in their lives, yet some feel too embarrassed to seek help. In my role within the myqufora support team, I have noticed that rectal irrigation as a treatment has a positive impact on patients, allowing them to take control of their bowel problems and carry on with their daily life.

The myqufora support team are available to support and guide patients with their rectal irrigation. The team take time to build a relationship with each person and recognise that needs are determined through each individual.  So, this means adapting every call accordingly.  

As Qufora product specialists, we answer a diversity of questions relating to the Qufora IrriSedo product range and ordering process. Our goal is always to provide the most helpful and relevant product specific advice possible to make the patient’s irrigation journey, and their life easier. It is important for a patient to know that they can speak with the myqufora team whenever they need to. Sometimes this process can take several weeks. For queries of a more clinical nature, we are able to consult our nursing clinical team to determine the best course of action. 

Our overall aim is to assist in attaining successful irrigation so that the best possible quality of life can be experienced. Knowing that we are there to listen brings comfort to patients and judging by the feedback we receive, this assistance is greatly appreciated.