Long Term Outcomes of Transanal Irrigation for Bowel Dysfunction: Panos Tamvakeras et al

Long Term Outcomes of Transanal Irrigation for Bowel Dysfunction: Panos Tamvakeras et al  

Poster Presentation at ACPGBI Conference (2023) 

This poster described an evaluation of the long-term efficacy of transanal irrigation (TAI). Panos and his colleagues conducted a retrospective analysis of 5-year data to examine compliance and patient outcomes in 18 patients who were using TAI for bowel dysfunction. Several factors were considered, including adverse events and patient-reported bother scores.  

Patients had a mean age of 61 years (range 23 – 91 years). Most participants were female (83.5%). Primary reported symptoms were constipation (9 patients), faecal incontinence (7 patients), and mixed symptoms (2 patients). Both low and high- volume TAI was used, with 6 patients employing a catheter-based system and 12 using a cone-based system. 

Only 4 patients (22%) discontinued TAI, at a median of 4.8 months. Three due to ineffectiveness, while 1 patient experienced spontaneous resolution of symptoms following cauda equina decompression.  

Fourteen patients (78%) continued TAI, with a median follow-up of 27.7 months. Among those who continued TAI, there was a significant improvement in bowel symptom scores (p=0.003). No major adverse events, such as rectal bleeding or perforation, were reported. 

In this small mixed cohort, TAI was found to be safe and effective for long-term use, significantly improving bowel symptom scores for different types of bowel dysfunction. These findings align with other studies, for example, Etherson et al (2017) and Henderson et al (2022). 


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