From Experience to Expertise: Lucy Allen’s Two-Day Course in Functional Bowel Care

By Michelle Henderson, Clinical Education Manager

Once again, we had the pleasure of diving into the world of functional bowel disorders with Lucy Allen’s captivating course, “An Introduction to Functional Bowel Disorders: Assessment & Management” – but this time, against the backdrop of Edinburgh.

This dynamic two-day course is tailor-made for clinicians embarking on their journey into the field of functional bowel care and the complexities of assessing and managing patients presenting with a spectrum of gut disorders.

Accompanied by Tracy Reid, our Customer Care Manager, we enjoyed presenting all things rectal irrigation – the what, why and when – using the Decision Guide and case studies to complement the learning. Tracy, with her expertise, offered live product demos and shared valuable insights about our support services.

Under Lucy’s expert guidance, the atmosphere was both informal and relaxed, maximising the learning and sharing of experiences. Our conversations with attendees revealed an enthusiasm for this area that was palpable. Even those with some experience were enriched with new skills and knowledge to take back into clinical practice.

We eagerly anticipate continuing our support for Lucy in 2024 as she takes her expertise to new horizons – both in content and location. The journey has just begun, and the adventure promises to be as enlightening as ever!

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