Embracing a greener path: our logistics

By Sharon McLoughlin, Office Director at Qufora Ltd

At Qufora Ltd, our mission is clear: ‘improving health for people and planet through intuitive, life-changing bowel management solutions.’ Quality and sustainability are core aspects of our business that drive us to fulfil this mission. Our products adhere to all relevant regulatory requirements and industry quality standards, ensuring the highest levels of safety, effectiveness, and reliability. We are advancing on the path towards a more sustainable future for Qufora, and that is why here in the UK, we have implemented new measures to our delivery packaging and logistics solutions to continue to embed sustainability into the delivery process for our patients.

In December 2023, we strategically relocated our UK stock which resulted in lowering our carbon footprint with a remarkable 48% reduction in mileage when moving our stock to storage within the UK, a testament to our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. Our new external warehouse is not just a space for storage; we have chosen a hub that prioritises sustainability at the core of their operations. Harnessing the power of solar energy, the warehouse reduces demand on the grid and contributes to hot water heating. The site has ambitious plans to install a storage battery, further boosting its reliance on renewable energy. Even rainwater doesn’t go to waste; it’s recycled from the roof to support the warehouse’s toilet flushing systems.

With regards to our head office warehouse, we have also made significant improvements to the delivery packaging for our personalised teaching packs. Our team now utilises Enviro-boxes, sealed securely with brown paper tape – a fully recyclable solution. Even the air pockets used inside to ensure the safety of your parcel during transportation are 100% compostable. This initiative from our in-house warehouse team ensures that the entire delivery packaging can be recycled.

As we continue through 2024, all our departments are committed to embedding more sustainable practices across our business, striving for healthy lives for people with chronic conditions by pushing beyond conventional boundaries.