Bowel Interest Group_ Importance of Adherence Report 2021

Bowel Interest Group: Importance of Adherence Report 2021

Review By Brigitte Collins

The Bowel Interest Group (BIG) do it again and provide a fantastic and valuable report and webinar on the ‘Importance of Adherence’. One of the four areas that the report has a focus for is transanal irrigation (TAI) and as BIG point out adherence is essential to ensure the best possible outcomes for the patient.

Professor Anton Emmanuel in the report highlights that the two most important key areas for adherence and success in using TAI is:

• The quality of training provided to the patient.
• The quality of the follow-up provided to the patient.

The report also emphasises some pointers that can help with patient assessment, selection and establishing a routine. Such practical advice in my mind is always beneficial in strengthening the vast amount of knowledge that is seen amongst HCPs and their clinics.

I have always been an advocate in having tools to support my clinical practice. This BIG report can definitely do that. Furthermore, the principles of this report are consistent with the 5-step approach in the ‘Decision Guide’, which can help guide the novice in initiating TAI as well as protect the practice of the experienced.

Having the BIG report and Decision Guide in practice can only assist HCPs, which in the end will benefit the patient, create adherence to this treatment and therefore improve quality of life, granting each person the chance to lead a more fulfilled life.

Read the Big Report here.