Association for Continence Professionals (ACP) Conference and Exhibition 2024 Round Up

While at the Association for Continence Professionals Annual Conference and Exhibition 2024, Brigitte Collins (Head of Clinical Education) and Katharin Adderley (National Sales Manager) caught up to discuss some of the key takeaways from the conference and what it means for Qufora to attend conferences like ACP:  

“So Katharin, we’re at ACP. This is our second day, and we’ve really enjoyed it. We’ve seen some great presentations and some talks in the main lecture sessions.  

What are your key takeaway points from that that will work with us in Qufora?” 

A: I think for me, and us as a company, it’s working in partnership and collaboration with our colleagues in the NHS to ensure that we’re providing the education that they want so that they can give the best care to their patients. 


“Agree, very much so. A lot of the talks have revolved around patient education, and I think that’s paramount to empower patients and allow them to, you know, use these medical devices accordingly.  

What are your thoughts on that?” 

A: One thing for us at Qufora is we know how important patient involvement is and actually giving them the power to learn about their condition and how they can treat themselves effectively with guidance from their clinician and how important that is for patient-centred care. 


“Yeah. So it’s not just about looking after our healthcare professionals; it’s about nurturing them to be able to nurture their patients, isn’t it really?” 

A: Yeah, definitely. And it’s such a privilege to work alongside our colleagues in the NHS and partnering companies as well to ensure that we’re working in conjunction to provide that level of education that’s relevant to them in a relevant way instead of my PowerPoint, like with the panel discussion today (chaired by Davina Richardson on the future of bladder and bowel services). That was fantastic to see. So well done to everyone involved.  


“Absolutely. The panel discussion, that’s really got me thinking an awful lot of how we can take things forward in Qufora.” 


To finish – we’d like to thank ACP for having us. To everyone involved who made the conference such a great event, and those who visited the MacGregor Healthcare stand, showing immense interest in the Qufora product range and our services. Thank you all!