Simplicity is what we do

National Simplicity Day 2022

National Simplicity Day occurs on the 12th of July every year in honour of Henry David Thoreau – the champion of living simply.

At MacGregor Healthcare and Qufora, we champion simple living for those with bowel dysfunction. We provide quality medical products so that people can lead more fulfilled lives, and consistently build upon excellence within product development while keeping simplicity at our products’ core.

Our newest products, Qufora IrriSedo Flow and Qufora IrriSedo MiniGo/MiniGo Flex are designed to be simple, eliminating any hesitation patients might have when starting bowel irrigation.

We created a new era in low volume irrigation when we launched Qufora IrriSedo MiniGo in April 2021. Designing a discreet-looking product that is simple for patients to use and for healthcare professionals to teach makes the irrigation experience approachable for those with bowel dysfunction.

Moving forward into April 2022, we welcomed Qufora Irrisedo Flow to our range of simple and easy-to-use rectal irrigation products. Marlene Corydon, Product Design Manager at Qufora A/S, spoke about the design process behind Qufora IrriSedo Flow and said:

“The design ambition, besides the functional objectives, is very much about keeping it simple – to fit into the context and lifestyles of users no matter how active they might want to be.” 

There’s a great deal of detailed thinking, complexity and technology hidden behind the system to make it simple, allowing users to only think about the irrigation itself.

The Red Dot committee recognised the simplicity of these two products, awarding both Qufora IrriSedo MiniGo and Qufora IrriSedo Flow the Red Dot Product Design award in 2021 (MiniGo) and 2022 (Flow).

With our focus on design and functionality, we can create simplistic rectal irrigation products for those with bowel dysfunction that fit seamlessly into everyday lives.