'Relief from a load within' - Garrett's story

‘Relief from a load within’ – Garrett’s story

Patient Story by Garrett, Klick User

“At last, I can plan ahead and commit to family events or workplace meetings and travel.

I am now safe in the knowledge that my Klick “kit” has worked its wonders earlier in the day. The relief gives me energy and confidence. The daily burning cramps and nausea are gone. 

The easy to understand instructions means it takes only minutes to assemble and use the Klick system. My feelings of trepidation were swiftly put to one side from day one as I now was in control of my digestive system rather than vice versa. I can now go and do simple, regular tasks, not wondering where the nearest toilet is or will there be enough toilet paper there when I find one!!

Yes, there is a little bit of trial and error at first. However, by using your Klick at the same time every day, your body will respond, and straining or weakness stops.

The biggest benefit that I personally get out of the Klick system is the fact that it doesn’t involve any type of medication. There are no side effects. No extra medication. No issue with having to change your existing medicines.

Using it regularly means that I am clean from the inside out. Yet all I have to do is this simple procedure as part of a regular routine to free me from the binds of constipation. Life goes back to normal. Would I recommend the Klick system? The answer for relief is YES. Somehow the load has become tolerable.”